Field Staff

Thinking about joining Cervicide Field Staff? Here is your stop for all the behind-the-scenes information. Our Field Staff is selected through an application process so that we can ensure we have the best team across the Nation. We regulate the number of Field Staff we have per state, so if your state is full, no worries, we will add you to the waitlist and notify you when a opening comes available.

As Field Staff, you have the chance to get paid for your content and be featured on our Social Media channels. Field Staff members bring our followers and Hunt Club Members content such as Gear Reviews, Hunt Videos and Blogs. We have a network of Field Staff across the country that are here to be your resource and friend. Our members connect through a private forum where like-minded hunters can share struggles, pictures of their harvest, ask questions or just connect with others across the country.

Perks of Field Staff:

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Content Payouts

Cervicide Members Can Earn a Payout for Submitting Content Such as Hunt Videos, Gear Reviews, Blogs, and More.

Free Education Modules

Cervicide Members Get Access to a Library of Resources and Education Modules to Help Make Them a More Succesful Hunter

Major Partner Discounts

Cervicide Members Get Up To 50% Discounts on Products and Services From Our Partners Such as Badlands, Darton Archey and Lone Wolf Custom Gear.

Hunt Swaps

Members Have Access to Hunt Swaps With Other Members. This is a Great Way to Network and Save on Hunt Swaps without Needing to Pay an Outfitter

Swag Shop Discounts

Cervicide Members get up to 20% off Cervicide Swag

Discounted Video Editors

Members get Access to Discounted Video Editors to Edit Their Hunt Content

Free Video School

Members have the Opportunity to Learn the Tips, Tricks, and Access Tutorials on Creating Amazing Hunt Videos. Learn How to Make Your Own Great Hunt Videos Without the Need For a Hired Editor

Private Group Forum Access

All Field Staff Members Get Access to The Private Group Forum of Like-Minded Hunters. They Can Ask Questions, Post Pictures of Successful Hunts, and Connect with Hunters Across the Country

Field Staff Member Perks Simplified:

  • Paid for Media Content
  • Discounts with Industry Partners
  • Private Forum
  • Hunt Swaps
  • Field Events
  • Free Webinars and Seminars
  • Free Swag
  • Free Entry to Contests
  • Video School Modules
  • Discounts on Cervicide Swag

Field Staff Memberships are $30 monthly or $300 annually (a $60 savings). Cervicide is self funded and all the membership fees go back into the company so that we can provide our members with the best experience and most amount of hunting opportunities and perks.


How involved do I have to be if I am Field Staff?

As Field Staff, you are free to be as involved as you’d like. The time you put into Field Staff is entirely up to you. We have no contracts or requirements for the amount of content you submit, so you are free to fit it into your schedule that best suits you.

How Do I Submit Content?

You can submit content by filling out the content submission form here.

Why Do I Have to Pay?

Cervicide is self funded and memberships help pay for all the behind-the-scenes to keep the club running. Membership Fee’s enable us to continue to seek out more partners, create more content, and give you the best customer service possible.

Why is there an application process for Field Staff?

We have an application process so we can hand pick those that we offer a Field Staff membership. We also have a Hunt Club that is open to anyone. The Hunt Club is $20 a month and includes most of the same perks as Field Staff but does not include content payouts. You can join the Hunt Club at any time.

What are Content Payouts?

We offer payouts for submitted content according to our grading rubrics. Some examples of content are Gear Reviews, Hunts, and Blogs. Only Field Staff members are eligible for Content Payouts.

What are Hunt Swaps?

Hunt Swaps are just as it sounds, swapping hunting opportunities. Members can post up a Hunt they would have to offer and can trade a hunting experience with other members. All the logistics are figured out between the two members. This is a great way to hunt different regions and game without spending a fortune on paying for an outfitter.

What is the difference between a Hunt Club Member and Field Staff?

Our Hunt Club Membership is geared towards beginner level hunters looking to take in knowledge. Some benefits of a hunt club member are access to the private group forum where you can ask real-world hunters questions and connect with the hunting community, access to our hunt swap program, industry partner discounts up to 50%, access to all learning modules on the website, 10% Discount on Cervicide Gear, invitations to all webinars, forums, workshops, and events across the country, and a Hunt Club Swag Pack.

Our Field Staff Membership is geared toward more experiences hunters and includes all of the benefits of the hunt club as well as discounted video editing, 20% off all Cervicide Gear, content payouts, four bash tickets, and a Field Staff Swag Pack full of swag and more.

Still not sure if Field Staff is for you?

Our Field Staff program was built with the real-world hunter and content creator in mind. As a Field Staff member, you are eligible to enter our DeerSlayer TV Contest for no added costs. We are giving away over 12k in prizes including a MacBook Pro, DeerSlayer Bow and Drone.

New for 2021 we will be revamping our Video School library and adding Educational Modules. We’ll also teach you the skills and techniques to help you video your hunts, all for no added cost. We have a list of industry partners that offer up to 50% off discounts of their products and services.

Our program is guaranteed to help you increase your success. We have experts available to answer questions and help you succeed. Staff members can hop on our zoom meetings to ask questions..

Apply today and receive a Field Staff swag pack that includes two hats, two decals, a base-layer, a shirt, two koozies, and instant access to our staff resources including our partners discount page upon signup.

If you want to stay involved but don’t think Field Staff is right for you, you may benefit from our Hunt Club. Use Code “hunt50” at checkout for 50% off for life of the Hunt Club.