Field Staffer Andy Ganas

Andy Ganas Headshot3

Being outdoors allows me to be in my element and slow down from the fast paced life that I am sure most of us live in.  There is something about chasing whitetail with my bow, getting up at sunrise to hear a turkey gobble, stalking pigs at night or trying to call in predators that elevates my spirit and offers a sense of satisfaction that only a hunter understands.  I started running a video camera in 2011 and I am constantly trying to get unique and quality footage.  Mostly, I self film my hunts but on occasion I do have someone come assist in the camera man role.  In the off season I have become more in tune with game management and preparing the woods for future generations.  I spend a good amount of time after deer season pruning trees for growth and planting a variety of young trees that one day will hopefully be wildlife magnets for my kids to enjoy.  The management of wildlife has become as enjoyable as the hunt and creates an even greater satisfaction once success happens in the field.  Feel free to follow me on instagram and my Youtube channel.