Field Staffer Bradyn Carrie

Bradyn Carrie Headshot


Thanks for taking the time to check out my Bio. My name is Bradyn Carrie and I reside in southern Indiana. I hunt everything I can put in the frying pan, but my true passion is predator hunting. My friend Paul (you’ll see him in plenty of videos) and I have been hunting the ground around us for as long as we could walk.

The passion for hunting coyotes and predators the like came in a similar fashion as the great Al Morris. One pesky coyote that was picking off our hens began a lifelong passion. After I took that first coyote into the local post, I thought I was going to be a wealthy man.

In conclusion, I hope that my videos and blog posts will help others like me put more fur in the bed. If you have any questions or just simply want to collaborate, feel free to get ahold of me.

Occuptation: CNC Machinist