Field Staffer Hunter Pardue

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Growing up hunting Whitetails in woods of central Georgia, I found a sense of belonging, like all my troubles would just disappear as I climbed in a stand. While the passion for hunting Whitetails is ever growing along with a love for going after Eastern turkeys and ducks, I felt like there was more to being a hunter than just hunting. In recent years, I have caught myself looking for a reason to leave the world behind and head to the woods. That reason was just to put food on the table but now has evolved in keeping the tradition of hunting that those before me have started and to spread knowledge of Wildlife Conservation, so that my son and the generations to come have an abundance of wild game to pursue. As i start a new chapter in my hunting career and being a part of the Cervicide Field Staff family, my dream is to not only reach those in my community but to spread the love of hunting across the globe.

Hunter Pardue

Occuptation: Butane Plant Operator