Field Staffer Samantha DiVietro

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Hey all,

Would you believe 8 years ago I was a vegetarian? Why? Because I could not comprehend a way to ethically consume meat. I’ve found through hunting I can achieve my ethical standards and challenge myself in the process. Deer… Turkey… The way we hunt means that they were not factory farmed, and not subjected to the hormones and antibiotics we pump into our farm raised meat. I’m proud of what we do and how we do it! I’ll get off my soapbox now…

I grew up around guns, but actually bow hunted first! I wanted to do it “right,” my first time around… whatever that meant. I conquered a terribly crippling fear of heights before my first deer season, shaking not even ten feet off the ground as I practiced out of a climbing tree stand, only to have my first deer kill achieved from a ground blind (go figure). Sometimes I miss, sometimes I outright nail it, but I always bring positive energy. Sometimes the animals we hunt come out on top, and that’s just going to keep driving me to be better, and work smarter (which does mean harder at times).

Happy hunting!