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I’m 34 years old and Married to a wonderful women.  We have an 8 year old daughter that is a smitten image of myself.  I’m an Emt-B in Pike County IL and love my career.  Day in and day out you just never know what your going to get called to.  Being able to help people is a passion I have.  I’m an Outdoor enthusiast and when I’m not working I’m usually out in the woods somewhere doing something.  Deer and turkey hunting are my main passions on hunting but do hunt other animals from time to time.  I have been hunting for 19 years and learn something new almost everyday.  The last 10 years i have taken younger kids out to experience hunting and helped them learn about wildlife.  Helping kids understand wild life and learn how to hunt is just an awesome way to spread the love of the outdoors.

Occuptation: EMT B

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