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Here’s your opportunity to join the fastest growing outdoor group in the Nation. We’re offering limited positions to join our nation-wide field staff program which comes with some killer incentives.

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Program Benefits

  • The ability to connect with like minded hunters from across North America
  • Make friendships and connections that last a lifetime
  • Access to Field Events that range from backpacking hunts to simply just socializing with other members for dinner
  • The ability to hunt all over North America through our Hunt Swap program at a fraction of what it would cost to DIY
  • An Educational platform that varies from gear tips to hunting techniques in a non-hostile environment
  • Access to an Active Forum through Facebook
  • Payouts for Content Curation ($150 for videos, $100 for gear reviews, $50 for blogs)
  • Video Editing Services
  • Discounts with Industry Partners
  • Discounts on Apparel

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Our Industry Partners


We are partnered with some amazing brands that offer great discounts and opportunities exclusive to our staff.

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