Sambar Deer Hunt

This is a hunt for Sambar Deer in Florida. A very limited number of tags a year and is really a once-in-a-lifetime hunt.
The last day for entry is June 15th. There is a phase 2 but you have to look for them. I made a group just search my name for a group. This is a none returnable tag and if you don’t go you might not ever get the chance for a second time.
Its primitive style hunting, so muzzleloader or bow. it is a three day hunt on an island in Florida boat access. Only you have to be there by Thursday the day before it opens the hunt to check in. It’s for the weekend style camping. You must bring everything with you food water your hunting gear you cannot bring a guest, the people that apply for the tag in the group if one of us get it we all get to go but only they can be there. Now, if you don’t have a chance to harvest a sandbar deer, you can shoot hogs there unlimited, and you can do fishing. it’s usually the end of November something it’s gonna be like November 22 into that weekend. If you do apply, you have to really consider that you are really wanting to go. Do not take that lightly.

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