Blog Post Guide

Our content depends on our team. While we already have a base of experts, we want to give you the opportunity to submit your posts to include on the website, blast out to our email subscribers and share on social media. You can earn some cash, while also getting your name out there. We are looking for high-quality posts that include great images, expert content, compelling stories, detailed product reviews, useful tips and anything else you think would be valuable to our community.

What constitutes a quality post?

Compelling content is key. Whether you’re giving a tip or technique or telling a story of a great trip you took, take time to write it out in detail, with proper grammar so it is simple to read and interesting. Here are a few tips:

  • Include a compelling title and attention-grabbing opening paragraph
  • Pick a unique topic or tell an interesting story – try to avoid topics that have already been covered
  • Be very specific if providing a tip or product review
  • Provide at least one (ideally 2-3) high-quality images (we can help with those if needed)
  • Use headers to break up the sections of your post
  • Use lists if needed for key points in the post
  • Keep paragraphs relatively short; ideally between two and six sentences
  • Try to have at least 600 words but no need to exceed 3,000

Are there any rules or restrictions?

While we encourage you to provide your social media or personal website links to include in the post, we do not allow any affiliate links for outside companies within the post. Additionally, we do not permit any profanity or inappropriate content. Submissions that contain any of the previously mentioned things will be discarded immediately.

What happens if my post is approved?

We will get in touch with you via email to let you know your post has been approved. Additionally, we’ll credit your payout account with up to $100 so you get paid upon our next pay cycle. We’ll also let you know when we plan on running your post so you don’t miss it. If we need any additional information we will request it at that time.

What does it pay?

Each approved post pays up to $100. Payouts are done quarterly. Each Crew Member may submit unlimited posts. Payout amounts can be found on our main blog grading rubric.

How often are posts published?

This will depend on quantity. We plan for a minimum of 1 per week and hope to increase to 2 or 3 per week as submissions increase.

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