Gear Review Guide

We’ve revamped this category to Gear Reviews. We feature these videos not only here and on YouTube, but will also share the top videos on social media as well as in our newsletter and include credit to the user who created the video.

You are not required to use any particular brands in your reviews, although we do encourage you to review gear from our partners or compare gear including our partners.

How does this work?

Simply drop all video files in to a Google Drive folder and share the folder with content@cervicide.com. Then complete the form below and submit! We do reserve the right to edit the video if needed. Additionally, all videos you submit MUST be your own content. You cannot submit any content that has any restrictions or were paid for elsewhere.

What’s it pay?

Each video is worth up to $50. We pay out quarterly. You will be paid for only videos we choose to use. Your payout amount will be determined by the following rubric.

You can download our intro/outro clip here. Video length should be 3-5 minutes (or more depending on the topic/video).

How often do you post new videos?

We post tip/technique videos as we receive them.

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