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Cer’vi·cide: noun [ Latin- cervus (deer) + caedere (to kill) ] The act of killing deer {Deer Slaying}

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Our program is unique in that we expect a little skin in the game. We’ve been in the business for a long time, and realize not everyone who joins our team is willing or able to get us content. For this reason, we’ve created an equilibrium that there is a fee to join our team. It’s $300 for the year (or 12 monthly payments of $30) to ensure that the playing field is level. 

Creators, such as yourself, are eligible for up to $500 payouts for videos delivered. Our focus is primarily on hunting fair chase whitetail deer, however you can see that we do accept a variety of content per our rubric.

We also have the Hunt Club option for $40 for the year. This includes all the great perks of a Field Staff Membership besides payouts. A lot of members choose to start with the Hunt Club until they are ready to jump into Field Staff.

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