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Posted by Toren Shirk

Rubline Scents

Posted by Matt Whiteley

Why should I use Rubline Scents?  All Natural, Preservative free products 100% Fresh Guaranteed Collected and bottled on as as needed basis to ensure freshness What separates Rubline Scents from the competition? Freshness Results tested, Fresh Scrape All Season Blend (Lures deer all year long) Doe in Estrus collected at the Peak of the Estrus cycle […]

Wynd Scent

Posted by Matt Whiteley

WYNDSCENT is an electronic scent vaporizer that has revolutionized the scent industry. WYNDSCENT solves the problem of ineffective scent dispersal. WYNDSCENT vaporizes scent making it smell stronger, travel further, and last longer than any other scent form. We guarantee that WYNDSCENT will make your scent much more effective in attracting a variety of game from […]

Bow Creek Outdoors

Posted by Matt Whiteley

The hunt starts here! Bow Creek Outdoors was started out of an obsession for understanding whitetail deer and their health. Each product is formulated to help bucks grow bigger antlers. The ingredients also help does maintain and improve health during pregnancy and fawning. This is a true whitetail supplement.

Cooks Fatal Deer Attractant

Posted by Matt Whiteley

Why choose Cooks? Their products are collected fresh, just prior to shipment from their own cwd free certified deer herd. None of the scents are carried over from the previous year. Scents are collected from early fall and through the rut not in the spring and summer months and shipped directly to the customers. Their […]