The Hunter Sight

Each member that signs up has their own private account, no other members can see their property(s) information unless they give them their log in and password. For each property you hunt, click ‘Add a Property’, once you name the property, put your mouse over the name or click your property name. Six icons will appear, these are your features to utilize. Start with the far-left icon, click ‘property map’; zoom in on your hunting land and place markers like your game cameras, stands, food plots, and feeders. You can draw boundaries and measure acreage or distance. Click Save, in the bottom right corner before leaving.

Next, the ‘game photo’ icon allows a member to upload and organize their game photos by camera name and into multiple folders. When uploading game photos for the first time, a member can mass edit the photos date or time stamps if the camera was incorrectly set when placed into the field. This helps with utilizing the ‘game trend’ feature which will be discussed later. After a photo is uploaded to your account, you can share, edit, or delete each individual photo.

Game trends is our favorite feature and a tool that can really help you be more successful. Skip to the bottom, “How we can help you become more successful: Our favorite feature, ‘Game Trends’ “ to learn more.


How The Hunter Sight Works

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