2020 Darton Deer Slayer

2020 Limited Edition ‘Darton Deer Slayer’

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This bow has been a long time in the making! We partnered with Darton Archery to build our very first custom bow. The Darton Deer Slayer is a Limited Edition bow built to specs by Cervicide owner Jimmy McKinney. The Deer Slayer model is built off of the framework of Darton’s tried and true 3800 technology. This bow comes hand dipped in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland®  Camouflage and is not available anywhere else.

New improvements over the 3800 include the latest Dual Sync Revision by Darton Archery, a patented design by Rex Darlington which allows for an adjustable draw length with increments all the way from 25-31″ all without a bow press. Draw weight increments are from 30-70# allow this bow to fit a broad spectrum of archers.

This bow boasts double laminated limbs for better performance, retention, and durability. A 33″ axle-to-axle allows for stability without sacrificing dexterity for treestand hunting.  A lower brace height of 6″  allows for blistering speeds which have been clocked over 350 IBO while offering minimal hand shock thanks to Darton’s attention to detail in the engineering process.

The let-off mod has a positive limb draw stop along with let-off module adapters – the top of the rotating mod has 3 adjustment levels to allow you down to 75% let-off (if you want to use for 3D shooting with a back tension). For hunting applications you can adjust the let-off at 85% so you can keep held back for the final shot.

The included dual sync yoke system allows for an even load on the cam during the draw cycle comes standard with all Darton Deer Slayer models.

This bow is built to hunt, it’s a true killer in the field yet has an impressively smooth draw cycle that will keep you driving tacks for hours on the range. At the moment of truth you can be assured that the included B.N.S.S. Bowstring Noise Suppression System will instantly terminate string vibration after the shot to maximize your opportunity of harvesting even the wariest of game.

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Right, Left

Draw Weight

30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70

Bow Color

Mossy Oak Original Bottomland, Black


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Size Chart

24.5-30" draw 33" Axle to Axle 350 FPS IBO 4.2 LBS 85% Let Off 40, 50, 60, 70 LB draw weight