The 2 Hunter Challenge

Win a 2020 Limited Edition Darton Deer Slayer bow

We are giving out 2 limited edition 2020 Darton Deer Slayer bows!

These bows will be given to our member voted #1 Two Man Video Challenge winner. Winner will be based on a combination of YouTube views and popular vote. Voting will take place in February and winners announced at our southern bash (date/location TBD).

This is an opportunity for Field Staff only and all you need to do is follow these simple steps to enter!

  • Pick a friend, and video two hunts.
  • Follow recommendations in the rubric section of our website for video
  • Each entry needs to include 2 +/- minutes explaining what it means to ‘you’ to hunt
  • 2 +/- minutes elaborating on the relationship made on the hunt swap experience
  • Hunt
  • 5 minutes of b-roll and recovery
  • Weekly updates are not required but highly encouraged (these views will also count towards the overall video views for final score)


You must choose a partner by October 19th

Weekly Updates are due each Sunday night at 11:59 EST

Contest submission ends December 15th 11:59 EST for final updates

Final hunting videos will air in January.

You may submit a hunt swap video and solo video, but they cannot be overlapping hunts.

The final video submission is eligible for payout and will be graded as 1 video regardless of number of harvests.


View the Teams Here: