Cervicide is on TikTok!

We are excited to say we launched our TikTok Profile in November 2021! TikTok is a great platform to share those entertaining, creative, and educational small pieces of content you may have sitting in your camera roll. We are providing you with a platform you can share your content with others and a larger audience.

All Cervicide Hunt Club and Field Staff Members are eligible for payouts for submitted TikTok content that is posted and hits the viewing criteria in the first seven days and you don’t need a Tiktok to contribute! More details on how to submit and receive payouts can be found in the information block below.

The viewing tiers are broken down as follows:

20k – Tier 1 – $5
50k – Tier 2 – $10
150k- Tier 3 – $15
500k – Tier 4 – $25
(Updated 12/07/21)*


How do I become a Member?

The Hunt Club is open to all hunters who want to be part of something bigger than themselves in hunting. Cervicide’s mission is to unite hunters from across the country while promoting wildlife conservation. All members have full access to our app as well as member perks which include Hunt Swaps, Webinars, Discounts and more.