Pennsylvania Mountain Archery Fest

Event Date:May 6, 2023
Organized by:Jason Broadt

Mountain Archery Fest present by OnXHunt! Located at Camp Freedom in Carbondale, PA. This is like a smaller Total Archery Challenge. For the people who are not able to make it out to TAC this year like myself, this is 1 of 2 viable options in the eastern part of the Pennsylvania. I am looking for at least 5 more people, IF NOT MORE, to join me on Saturday, May 6th, to go shoot. If we have at least 6 shooters, we all get 10% off our registration price. WHERE ARE THE ARCHERS!?!?!?

PLEASE GET HOLD OF ME ASAP, preferably by April 21st! This event is open to anyone in Cervicide!!!

Please contact me for more details!! Would love to have a huge group for this!!

*NOTE*: I am only planning on shooting Saturday, trying to make a full day out of this!