Cer’vi·cide noun [ Latin- cervus (deer) + caedere (to kill) ] The act of killing deer {Deer Slaying}

Cervicide is a platform dedicated to uniting hunters and promoting wildlife conservation.

The Cervicide Hunt Club was established in 2011 by a group of college friends with a passion for hunting across the nation. Most of the crew grew up in the mountains of central Pennsylvania and are a tight-knit group. The remaining members are passionate hunters from other states who connected with the team along the way.

What is the Hunt Club?

Cervicide Hunt Club is an online membership-based community designed to inspire and educate hunters of every skill and experience level while preserving the tradition. Our membership is designed to meet the needs of different types of hunters.

The Hunt Club is the most popular membership and is right for anyone. The way you use your membership may be different for everyone but the multitude of resources allow you to shape and mold your membership to be a perfect fit for you. Our Hunt Club members range from first-year hunters to industry experts. We have resources for everyone! Members enjoy all the perks listed on our Hunt Club page and enjoy building a community of hunters across the nation. Read more here.

The Field Staff Program is designed for those looking to be content creators or start their own business in the Hunting Industry. The program is designed for those looking to grow their own social channels or provide education for other hunters in collaboration with Cervicide. We host webinars on videography, business basics, and more. More information can be found here.

Our Mission

Cervicide is a platform dedicated to uniting hunters and promoting wildlife conservation.

Since its birth, the Cervicide Hunt Club has been dedicated to growing a community of like-minded hunters across the nation, who hunt ethically, for the love of the hunt, and who learn and grow with each other through sharing educational resources and practical experience in the field. Our mission is to uphold hunting’s rich traditions and educate our members to help them improve in all facets of hunting at their own pace.

why should i join

With all of the resources that Cervicide Hunt Club has dedicated to the singular goal of making the experience of hunting better for all hunters, the question that you should be asking is, “why haven’t I joined yet?”

Membership in the Cervicide Hunt Club includes:

  • Hunt Links
    • Link up with another Cervicide Member to either host or be a guest for a Hunt. Maybe you’re just interested in getting a group of hunters together to hunt another state. This is how you make those connections. Using the member map to link up with other members in your area or another state is how you start it off.
  • Meat-Ups
    • Hang out with Cervicide at exclusive events! Whether it’s an archery shoot, a fishing trip to a secret spot, or just wing night, the Hunt Club Membership is your invitation to hang with the crew at regional events.
  • Access to The Hunt Lab
    • The Hunt Lab is your resource for educational modules, live webinars and playbacks, and so much more. Topics include bow tuning, scouting, saddle hunting, and so much more. There are even ladies’ nights! It’s like free college without boring homework and it’s all FREE to Hunt Club members. We are in the process of building out videography, new business owners and other models to be launched for our members.
  • Partner Discounts
    • Cervicide members enjoy discounts of up to 50% on the best gear from Cervicide partners like Badlands, Mossy Oak, and Lone Wolf Custom Gear!

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