Cervicide was established in 2011 by a group of college friends with a passion for hunting across the nation. Most of the crew grew up in the mountains of central Pennsylvania and are a tight-knit group. The remaining members are passionate hunters from other states who connected with the team along the way. Many hunts take place in the mountains of central PA, however Cervicide travels nationwide pursuing whitetail. The aim of Cervicide is to deliver quality hunting cinematography without diluting the roots and traditions the American hunting heritage is so rich in. Cervicide has a love for conservation and a passion for filming.

Cervicide found a way to network with dozens of FieldStaff in all 50 states who have a similar love for conservation and passion for filming. This allows our company to provide a unique dynamic which has never been offered in outdoor television. Our show is packed full of action thanks to so many staff running cameras. Many deer on our show are taken on public ground that is pressured, along with some small tracts of private ground that isn’t large enough for trophy management. Each year the team harvests some incredible trophies given these conditions, the very conditions that millions of hunters in America can relate to.

Team Cervicide is excited to bring forth awesome footage that is packed with hunts and provide a show that relates to average hunters. Team Cervicide would like to be your premier choice for outdoor entertainment. Team Cervicide is a community, family, and a nation of DEER SLAYERS!

Cer’vi·cide noun [ Latin- cervus (deer) + caedere (to kill) ] The act of killing deer {Deer Slaying}

Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold huntings rich traditions. Through video and photos we aim to educate hunters about conservation and ethics. Our nationwide FieldStaff program is designed to teach hunters how to capture and document their hunting adventures so they can be shared with our community, Cervicide Nation.