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A nationwide team of outdoor enthusiasts sharing their stories, tips and conquests while creating relationships that will last a lifetime.

Check Out the 2020Darton Deer Slayer Bow

This bow has been a long time in the making! We partnered with Darton Archery to build our very first custom bow. The Darton Deer Slayer is a Limited Edition bow built to specs by Cervicide owner Jimmy McKinney. The Deer Slayer model is built off of the framework of Darton’s tried and true 3800 technology. This bow comes hand dipped in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland® Camouflage and is not available anywhere else.

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Enter the 2 Hunter Challenge andWin 2 Limited Edition Darton Deer Slayer Bows

Click the link below for details on our new 2 Hunter Challenge for your chance to win a limited edition Darton Deer Slayer bow valued at $1,199!

View the 2 Hunter Challenge Cervicide 2020 Darton Bow

What is Cervicide?

It is difficult to put in to words exactly what Cervicide is because what we offer isn't offered anywhere else. We are a Nationwide Community. We are a Nationwide Family. We are a Social Media machine. We are an industry partner.

Our goal is to bring passionate hunters together from across the country by offering events, hunt swaps, video training, discounts and an outlet to share pictures, stories, tips, conquests and more to earn some money back.

The Cervicide Team is ethical, passionate, positive and dedicated. We care about nature, we care about each other and our shared passion, enthusiasm and positive attitude create an amazing atmosphere that we are very proud of. While we have a limited number of spots available, if you feel like you fit the mold, we encourage you to apply to join our team.

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Home ofDeerSlayer TV

We recently relaunched DeerSlayer TV bringing action-packed hunting videos featuring raw footage from our dedicated Field Staff team. We aim to bring real hunting back to the mainstream.

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Featured PartnerNock Out Lighted Nocks

NOCK OUT Lighted Nocks have a Frustration Free design that allows you to enjoy the fun and functionality of shooting lighted nocks without the frustrations you might have encountered with other brands. NOCK OUTS are durable, bright, and EASY to turn off.

We combine high-quality components such as aircraft aluminum for our nock receiver and a proprietary, high-strength polycarbonate nock to give you a virtually indestructible lighted nock able to withstand the toughest conditions.

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Learning How to Scout Effectively E-SCOUTING Let’s say we want to scout this piece of land. First things we want to do is mark the special terrain features. -Saddles -Benches -Extremely Steep Terrain -Drainages or Ditches Here we have this piece of timber marked.  Green represents Saddles -Saddles are low spots in ridges that connect […]

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A 5 Part Series on How to Be More Successful Deer Hunting with these 5 Steps How successful were you hunting whitetails this deer season? Do you find yourself thinking you hate hunting public land? Are you thinking to yourself on the drive to that piece of public or walking in that “this is just […]

Grandpa’s Gift

Posted by Emily Peterson

Some of the most important things in the world can be the most random things A mug, a t-shirt, necklace, picture. To me, it is a Puma knife, thermos and flashlight. These were items that used to be my grandpa’s, and he gifted them to me before he passed because he thought I could use […]

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