Uniting Hunters

Join a community of hunters and experience the thrill of the hunt like never before with Cervicide’s virtual hunting camp, featuring Hunt Links, Meat-Ups, and the App.

Who is Cervicide?

We’re a nationwide group of hunters who share the same passion for the outdoors. Regardless of what camo pattern we wear, or game we pursue – we all hold the same core value of upholding the traditions of hunting.

Our mission is uniting hunters

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Cer’vi·cide: noun [ Latin- cervus (deer) + caedere (to kill) ] The act of killing deer {Deer Slaying}

What members Get:

  • Access to live educational webinars
  • Connect to members with our in person and virtual Meat-Ups™
  • Get paid for outdoor content you create
  • Go on your dream hunt with Hunt Link™
  • Discounts from our partners
  • Cervicide apparel discounts
  • Monthly gear giveaways
  • Unrestricted Cervicide app access
  • Learn to film your hunts
  • Get access to our video editors

Hunt Link

We offer a program called the Hunt Link that allows you the opportunity to hunt anywhere in the country. Link up with another Cervicide Member to either host or be a guest for a Hunt.

Maybe you’re just interested in getting a group of hunters together to hunt another state. This is how you make those connections. Using the member map to link up with other members in your area or another state is how you start it off.

A Dozen Reasons to join

  1. Make new hunting friends
  2. Learn new hunting techniques
  3. Access fresh hunting ground
  4. Learn new ways to prepare wild game
  5. Learn how to film your hunts
  6. Learn how to edit hunting videos
  7. Save thousands on hunting gear
  8. Sharpen your hunting skills
  9. Win gear in our monthly giveaways
  10. Use our app to chat without being filtered
  11. Buy/Sell equipment in our classifieds
  12. Hunt for new game

Our Partners

Our NationWide Members

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