Field Staff

What is cervicide Field Staff?

A strong, like-minded Hunting community is one of the most rewarding parts of the Hunting industry. But a community across the country is even better! Cervicide offers all hunters, regardless of skill, a community to tap into to learn, teach, share and grow together.

Our members are encouraged to join in the conversation in our nationwide community. The Field Staff program includes Hunt Links, major partner discounts and so much more.

Core Values

  1. Hunt ethically
  2. Your tag, you fill it
  3. Obey hunting laws
  4. Enforce safety
  5. Choose your own gear
  6. Respect fellow hunters
  7. Respect your quarry
  8. Empower new hunters
  9. Promote wildlife conservation

What’s in it for you?

We aren’t your traditional program that sends gear and asks for reviews. We’re here for you and to build a community that supports you and all hunters alike. We provide not just a great community that has been around since 2011 with members in all 50 states, but a ton of other perks and opportunities.

We have expert members who will link up with newer hunters to walk alongside them and mentor them on hunts all across the nation. Our Hunt Link program gives the average hunter opportunity to hunt new game and states without shelling out big dollars for a hunting lease.

Whether you want to teach or learn, we have something for you. Those who are content producers can earn payouts. Those who are experienced hunters are welcome to hop on our podcast or webinars. Newer hunters have access to knowledge of first-hand experienced hunters from all states. Guides and established companies can post their content/products for other hunters to support small businesses.

Our program unites hunters through Meat-Ups™, Hunt Link™, podcast, Hunt Link Directory, private member groups, and local/virtual events.

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Rapid Fire – What is Cervicide?

Field Staff Perks Simplified

Hunt Link Directory

View and link with members who are interested in the same species as you. A great resource for setting up Hunt Links.

Hunt Link™

Link with other members to save thousands on your next hunt. Swap hunts, or find a dream hunt using the Hunt Link™


Whether it’s wing night, archery shoots, or going fishing, we invite you to browse and post your own events

Partner Discounts

Discounts up to 50% with our partners such as Badlands, Mossy Oak, Lone Wolf Custom Gear, and dozens more


Attend live webinars with the team. Webinars range from education to just casual virtual hangouts with members


Each month we give out prizes and gear to our members. Simply being a member in good standing gets you in our drawings.

Cervicide Discounts

Rep the brand with our merch! Members get 10-40% off all merch in the Cervicide shop.


We’ll help you increase your success by pairing you with one of our experienced members. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!


Access educational modules, webinar playbacks, and more. We offer a bank of recorded content located in our member portal.

Earn Money

Get paid for producing original hunting content. This could be in the form of techniques, education, gear reviews, or hunting videos. We offer payouts for videos and blogs.

If you are just looking to have a title of Field Staff, our program is not for you. Our members are spread across the country which creates one of the most diverse communities that exist in the hunting space.

Field Staff are able to learn, teach, share, and grow together within our virtual hunting camp.

Our membership is only $30/month. Cervicide is self-funded which is how we are able to maintain a program that is unbiased to what products you choose to hunt with. The value our members receive is priceless, however, it is up to you to appreciate what our platform provides.

Not everyone is eligible to become Field Staff. We mandate those considering to join our program to go through an application process. We reserve the right to revoke membership at any time should you break our core values.


How involved do I have to be if I am member?

As members, you are free to be as involved as you’d like. The time you put into membership is entirely up to you. We have no contracts or requirements for our members. What you put in, is what you will get back out.

Why Do I Have to Pay?

Cervicide is self-funded and memberships pay for all the behind-the-scenes to keep the platform running. The more members we have, the more we are able to give back.

Why is there an application process for membership?

We have an application process to help ensure only ethical hunters are joining our program. It also helps us to ensure we are growing evenly throughout the country, so members are able to have more networking opportunities.


Additionally, we offer an annual Hunt Club membership that is open to anyone who wants to join, no application is necessary. However Hunt Club perks are much more restrictive than our membership program.

What are Hunt Links?

Hunt Links are just as it sounds, swapping hunting opportunities. Members can post up a Hunt they would have to offer and can trade a hunting experience with other members. All the logistics are figured out between the two members. This is a great way to hunt different regions and game without spending a fortune on paying for an outfitter.

How Do I Submit Content?

You can submit content by filling out the content submission form within the member portal. You are not required to submit content as a Member.

What is the difference between a Hunt Club Member and normal membership?

The Cervicide Hunt Club is a budget friendly opportunity to get immersed in our virtual hunting camp. It is only available as an annual option, and the perks offered are much more restrictive than the membership program.


Hunt Club

  • Connect with 1,000s of members
  • Discounted merch in Cervicide store
  • Access replays from our webinars
  • Receive discounts from select partners
  • Premium Access to restricted Cervicide App content
  • Invite to attend Cervicide Events
  • Get first dibs on limited apparel runs


  • Access to the Hunt Link program
  • Connect with 1,000s of members
  • Higher discounted merch in Cervicide store
  •   Attend Live webinars
  • Access replays from our webinars
  • Receive higher discounts from all partners
  • Access all Cervicide App content
  • Attend Cervicide events
  •   Create Cervicide events
  •   Access Meat-Ups
  •   Post Hunt Link
  •   Content Payout eligibility
  •   Get to pre-order on limited apparel runs
  •   Monthly drawings/giveaways
  •   Private FB group

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