Fight Night

Event Date:February 17, 2024Event Time:5:00 pm
Organized by:GRANT MEYER

Jacob Barkley is going to be brawling someone and I aint gunna miss it. Anyone who is close to Cinci and wants to come, lets link up and support a brother. It’s 24$ to go.

CINCINNATI, OH!!! Rednecks Invade Cincinnati… Sat. Feb. 17 at the Heritage Bank Center… the wildest and craziest rednecks are coming to your town! If you’re redneck enough, sign up now! FIGHTER REGISTRATION … BUY TICKETS (On Sale Fri. Jan. 5 @ 10 am EST)… LIVE on PPV!

Catfish Cooley, Big Murph and Andrew Conn will provided the hilarious commentary for the PPV!

Get ready for a redneck, hillbilly, country boy throwdown!!!!

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