Indiana small game

I am really wanting to go to other states to hunt different kinds of squirrels. Preferably black or white ones, but honestly any that aren’t a standard grey or fox squirrel is fine with me. In return I’d like to take someone small game hunting around here. Weather it be squirrel, rabbit, dove, or anything along them lines. It’s $50 for a 5 day non resident hunting license. If you’re wanting to go for dove a HIP number is required. And if you want to shoot quail if we stir some up a habit bird stamp is required, it’s $11.

I can offer 2 days of taking someone out and that’s all I could possibly get away from home for. If you’re interested just get with me and we can start discussing what you’re lookin at doin to decide what time of the year works according to the seasons. It will all be more than likely split between private and public land

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