About the Cervicide Hunt Club

Our program is dedicated to making you more successful in the field regardless of your skill level!

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Hunt Club Perks

  • Huge Industry Discounts for our Partners (Badlands, Mossy Oak, Lone Wolf Custom Gear ect….)
  • Private Group Forum
  • Access to Hunt Swaps
  • Invitation to all Field Events (Bear Camp, Backpack hunting trips, golf outings fishing trips…)
  • Free access to Webinars and Seminars
  • Welcome Swag Pack after Signup (Shirt, Hat, Decals and more)
  • Free entry to all Contests (Big Buck, Deer Slayer TV Contest, Tag-it, Heaviest Doe…)
  • Access to Video School Modules
  • Access to Learning Modules
  • Annual Gift after one-year of membership
  • 10% Discount on Cervicide Swag Shop
  • Free Shipping for the Cervicide Swag Shop
  • Opportunity to Apply to Become Field Staff

What is the Cervicide Hunt Club?

Cervicide is a membership based hunting club designed to make all hunters, of every level more successful. We do this through our educational podcast, online webinars, online learning modules, video series and in-field workshops. All Members get access to discounts up to 50% on hunting equipment with our various partners in the hunting industry such as Badlands, OnX and Lone Wolf Custom Gear.  

Members also have the opportunity to connect with others in the group from various states to trade hunts through our Hunt Swap Program only available to Cervicide members. Through this Hunt Swap program, members get to experience new tactics and species that would save you tons if you did it DIY or with an Outfitter.

Why should I Join?

Cervicide is dedicated to making you a more successful hunter and is excited to see you grow in your hunt. We offer one-on-one coaching through our forums where you can ask other real-world hunters advice and tap into their knowledge. You will have a library of exclusive resources only available to members that help take you from a beginner to an experienced hunter at your own pace.

Beyond all the educational resources, Cervicide members get large industry discounts on top-level brands thanks to our partners and have the opportunity to connect with hunters across the country.

New members get connected with a Regional Director for their perspective regions. Your Regional Director serves as your guide and is available to answer your questions and be a resource to you.

Cervicide Membership Swag

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Programs Benefits

  • Utilize our Platform to Increase Success in the Woods
  • Network with Like-minded Hunters Across the Country
  • Access to a Library of Exclusive Learning Modules on the Website
  • Hunt Swap Program Exclusive to Members
  • Invites to All Events, Webinars, and Workshops Across the Country
  • Access to our Database of Seasoned Hunters Knowledge
  • Exclusive Access to our Private Facebook Group
  • Free Entry to Video Contests
  • One-on-one Coaching on Any Question You May Have
  • Access to Discounted Video Editing Services
  • Huge Industry Partner Discounts and Discounts on Cervicide Gear

Our Industry Partners

Members of our Hunt Club and Field Staff program are able to take advantage of the amazing opportunities we have from our exclusive industry partners listed below.

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Cervicide is a great community of hundreds of people with the same love for the Outdoors. It's much more than just a group of hunters socializing, it is a family. And one that I'm proud to be apart of! These men and women inspire and motivate me to be a better outdoorsman and really push myself to grow in the outdoor world.
JJ Carricato
JJ Carricato
00:24 26 Jul 19
Great group of like minded people. Almost like a hunting family. We all come from different places but love the outdoors the same. To me it takes my outdoors skill to the next level. Helps me to grow and learn more.
Justin Lee
Justin Lee
17:59 25 Jul 19
I started learning about Cervicide about 5 years ago and joined as a Field Staffer about 3 years ago. Great group of outdoor advocates and conservationists who are looking to preserve the wild game for years to come! Being a part of Cervicide is really being a part of something bigger! Check us out today!
Ezra Dean
Ezra Dean
02:33 11 May 19
I’ve been a staffer with Cervicide for 6 months. I’ve always felt welcome and feel like part of the family. The mission of Cervicide to maintain our hunting heritage and pass it on to the next generation is unlike any other hunting media company I’ve seen.
Mason Kinney
Mason Kinney
19:03 26 Apr 19
Cervicide is like family. Plain and simple. We are one giant hunt camp sharing in each others hunting experiences and sharing in the enjoyment of the great outdoors. I've been a part of Cervicide since 2017 and this Alabama boy wouldn't trade it for anything.
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown
18:09 26 Apr 19
Since 2018, this small town West Virginia boy has been a part of this group. From day one I knew there was something special about it and boy was I right. This group has helped me through a lot of hunting issues and has helped guide me in the right direction on multiple things. You may have blood brothers and sisters but I'll tell you now, this group is as close to family as you can get. I am very thankful to be apart of such an awesome group and can't wait to see what the future holds.-CodemanTV
15:11 26 Apr 19
I've been a staffer since 2017 and it has been an awesome experience being a part of this team. It truly is one of the best hunting clubs in the world with real people and a true family environment. Joining has provided so much inspiration and aided immensely toward learning and growing as a hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman; plus my wardrobe looks so much better 🦌🐟🦃🕶🧥🧢. I was recently instated as Regional Director for NY and look forward to helping the company and family of outdoors men and women continue to learn, grow, and have as good if not a better experience as I have gotten! So grateful 🤟
Jeremy Kraus
Jeremy Kraus
14:48 26 Apr 19
Great group of people who truly care about you and want to help you become more knowledgeable about hunting and the outdoors.
Carley McKinney
Carley McKinney
14:18 26 Apr 19
Cade Roberts
Cade Roberts
15:53 14 May 14
Mike Bogart
Mike Bogart
19:51 07 Apr 14
Jordan Shume
Jordan Shume
02:52 04 Feb 14
Brian Field
Brian Field
15:17 28 Dec 13
Carter McIntyre
Carter McIntyre
12:30 19 Dec 13