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The Cervicide Hunt Club is a budget friendly opportunity to get immersed in our virtual hunting camp. We welcome any ethical hunter to join our Hunt Club.

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  1. Connect with 1,000s of members
  2. Discounted merch in Cervicide store
  3. Access replays from our webinars
  4. Receive discounts from select partners
  5. Cervicide Membership Group Access
  6. Attend Cervicide Events
  7. Get first dibs on limited apparel runs

Upgrade to full access for only $30 a month or $300 for the year.

Hunt Club Exclusive Programs:

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The Hunt Link™  provides the opportunity to hunt different species anywhere in the country. Hunt Club members can view Hunt Links.

Member Portal

The member portal is where Hunt Club Members can login. Within the portal you will receive access to discounts, Hunt Link™, video replays and more!

Video Replays

We have a library of content that is only available to members. You can access replays from our recent webinars, meat-ups™, and other educational content in our library 24/7 as a Hunt Club Member

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