The Power of a Notebook

There is no shortage of new age technology when it comes to tracking and planning hunts. With countless hunting apps and satellite services like Google Earth, sometimes we forget how things have been done for hundreds of years – with good old pen and paper.

I’ve always preferred to use a brand called “Rite in the Rain”. They’re affordable, are available in different sizes, and weatherproof. You can choose from just a notebook to full kits complete with carrying cases and weatherproof pens.

Available at the following link rite in the rain or online at multiple big box office supply  stores.

My notebook goes with me anytime I go into the woods. I make sure I record every piece of information I can, including: location, weather, temperature, all deer activity, and moon phase. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but jotting down all of the info you can remember about a hunt can go a long way come next November when you’re trying to predict peak rutting activity in your specific area.

You never know what kind of weather you’ll get into when you find yourself in the woods, and there’s always that chance you knock your pack into a creek while stopping for a drink. With an all weather notebook you give yourself the best chance to capture not only priceless memories, but as much valuable information as possible to refer back to and make your time in the woods count.

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