Why wouldn’t you take advantage…

Hunting and being outdoors with brothers, friends, children showing them the joy and satisfaction can can only be given by the good lord himself. The hard work put into something is what makes it a sacrifice to want it and working for what you want to achieve, to achieve the meaning of life. Working for what you want, always learning something from that hard work. Whether it’s an ass chewin’, or a lesson that made you realize it’s not about the money, it’s not about being selfish, or feeling sorry for yourself. Time goes on regardless. With or without you. You make money to feed your family, and build a life and united as one. We build a life around life sometimes, and we don’t realize until we are grey and old how much it really means to us.

the passions and the obsession

Why do something if it doesn’t satisfy your passions, obsessions? Live while you live! Why hold back? Why live your life in self pity, in a state where you aren’t happy? We do something that really grabs at our hearts, our souls and sometimes, not enough! We put hard work into something that makes us feel good. And we dream about these big successful endings , and the cabins in the dense woods just calling to us. But some may never have it. Because they don’t want to make the change. Nobody knows how long they have to live, nor how long family, friends, and loved ones have. We need to love, cherish, and engulf that feeling, because it could end at any moment. We hunt, we fish, we bow-fish, trap, just take a walk thru the woods, and it pulls us, it brings us to a peace and we find tranquility in the silence. But if you listen it’s never silent.

caring about what others think

Birds in the trees, squirrels being deer running around making us shitty, raccoons playing in the creek, washing their little faces. Big bucks lurking in the shadows, but they’ll probably out smart ya this time. Owls flying above you, landing on branches and just stare at you, and you feel as if that’s Gods way of showing you he’s here and he’s wants to share his beautiful creations with you. The smacking of your hand, the damn mosquitos needa boogie on out cuz they getting bad!! The whispers upon the trees as they holler to each other, but you can’t hear what they are saying.  Foxes scurrying from their burrows, with their pups trailing one by one. Rabbits running around as it nears dark, foraging on the acorns and hickory nuts. The owls are finally saying good morning, hooting as they start their evening buffet. Coyotes yip in the distance, and you shimmy your ass down the tree, they ain’t getting us this time!!! And as you walk to your vehicle, your feeling a sense that we are one with God and his almightiness, just gets blurry when your passion about life blurred by reality and our busy schedules. It’s in our blood, our minds, our nature as the human being, to find our reason, And a lot of people build their lives around God’s will from our hearts, but some stray. They take all the meaning of life and think it’s too much for them! It’s really not. Life isn’t about everything others think, do, say! It’s about living, making good memories, loving family, friends, and being in touch with your higher power. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, but you can feel it deep within when you are passionate about something. You gotta find it!

learn to love the grind

Challenge yourself, you’ll find it wasn’t that hard. You’ll find you will try something harder next. Try new things, and when you find it you hold it near and dear to your heart, never let it go and pursue that! Make that your life long goal, to just indulge in life it self and not the judgement from the people around you. Follow your dreams! They may seem far away, but they can be gone if you wait. We don’t find God in a building. They are sentimental, but where do you truly find the Savior of this world? In his work! His blessings, nature, his 3D paintings. He didn’t create buildings, restaurants, the mall. He made us and the rest of his beautiful creations. Hunting, fishing, bow fishin’, walking river banks, taking a youth out and teaching them! That’s the true meaning of life, we just don’t see it. I don’t hunt to hunt. I hunt and cling to my spiritual connection with myself. The true meaning of what I think life is all about. People say you may be antisocial. But you don’t care about everyone else’s business, their judgment. You just thank God every day you raise your head from the pillow. We can’t explain how it feels, we just embrace it and we don’t hide it because it’s not what others think is just. We do it because it makes us feel good! To be happy! And after that hunt or adventure you were going after, having a push up contest with your little brother, makes everything worth it. All that work put in, and to feel accomplished, it just makes the feeling something to crave. Craving life itself. To just live without a care for others judgment,  and helping them build their dreams and be in touch with their dreams and happiness. 

C.D. Allen

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