Be More Successful Deer Hunting with these 5 Steps

A 5 Part Series on How to Be More Successful Deer Hunting with these 5 Steps

How successful were you hunting whitetails this deer season?

  • Do you find yourself thinking you hate hunting public land?
  • Are you thinking to yourself on the drive to that piece of public or walking in that “this is just a waste of time”?
  • Are you not seeing deer like you think you should be?
  • How many opportunities are you having at killing buck or even a doe?
  • Is it under 5 opportunities for an entire hunting season?
  • Are you just going through the motions of hunting and not really enjoying your time in the field?
  • Do you feel like hunting is just a waste of TIME and MONEY?
  • Are you buying every new gadget that comes out, hoping that it will be the trick to end that bad streak of luck you’ve been having for the last couple of years hunting?
  • When you go on social media and see other people being successful hunting do you wonder what you are doing wrong?

Be More Successful Deer Hunting!

I was once in that very same place and we all have to start somewhere?

successful buck hunting

I use to go into the woods with HOPE of just seeing a deer, I didn’t care what kind of deer or how big or how small I just wanted to see A deer.

That has all changed. I’ve now learned to hunt. I regularly see deer on public land and have the opportunity to harvest up to 7 deer a year in my home state of Pennsylvania, one of the MOST pressured hunting states in the country.

Cut the learning curve in half with these 5 steps.

  • Learn how to scout effectively
    • E-scouting
    • When to Scout
  • Understanding deer movement
    • Food
    • Bedding/Cover
    • Water
  • Understanding Weather Patterns
  • Understanding how to Hunt the Wind
    • Understanding Thermals
  • Gear
    • What gear is worth it and what is not
    • What gear can actually help you be a better hunter.

successful deer hunting

As I’ve implemented these 5 steps into my hunting regime I’ve grown and become so much more successful in not only my encounters but also in filling the freezer.

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  1. Josh Wade says:

    Okay about playing the wind . I’m not talking about wind in my face . When hunting the leeward side of a mountain. Just say the wind is blowing straight down . How do you know you are in the wind tunnel ?

    1. Toren Shirk says:

      Josh send me a DM and I’ll help you out with understanding the wash

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