Enhancing Hunting Success: Restoring Native Species and Wildlife Habitats

Event Date:July 27, 2023Event Time:7:00 pm
Organized by:Tyler Heeter

Join us on Zoom for an exciting Live Webinar hosted by Tyler Heeter on July 27th at 7 pm, where we will delve into the fascinating world of native grass and forb mixes and their benefits for landowners.

In this webinar, Tyler Heeter, an expert in the field, will cover the following topics:

Exploring Native Grass and Forb Mixes: Learn about the diverse range of native grass and forb mixes available, and how they can enhance your land’s biodiversity.

Herbicides for Native Species: Discover how herbicides can play a crucial role in reintroducing native species and explore the recommended herbicides for effective results.

Prescribed Fire for Stimulating Seed Bed Growth: Understand the use of prescribed fire as a method to stimulate seed bed growth and encourage the flourishing of native species.

Equipment for Promoting Native Species: Gain insights into the different types of equipment that can be employed to facilitate the growth and maintenance of native species.

Controlling Invasive Species: Learn effective strategies for controlling invasive species, ensuring a conducive environment for the growth of native species.

Benefiting Game Species and Pollinators: Discover how promoting native species can have a positive impact on both small and large game species, as well as essential pollinators.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and make a positive difference for your land and its inhabitants. Mark your calendars and join us on Zoom for an engaging session with Tyler Heeter. See you there!

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