South Region Virtual Meat-Up- Alligator Season Begins

Event Date:September 11, 2023Event Time:7:00 pm
Organized by:John Reason

Join us for a Virtual Meat-Up on September 11th at 7 pm CST with Chef John Reason, the South Region Director. We’ll delve into exciting topics, including upcoming Alligator Season plans and Louisiana’s unique approach to it. Chef John will also share his preferred saddle hunting techniques and discuss the best saddle he’s discovered, along with a new hunting gear gem called The Ghillie Puck. Explore various saddle patterns, camera arm setups, and GoPro tips for your hunting adventures. As a special treat, we’ll provide a wild game scrapple recipe card for you to savor. Keep an eye out for the recipe card, which will be sent and posted.

We can’t wait to connect with you!

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