Trapping Webinar

Event Date:January 11, 2024Event Time:7:00 pm
Organized by:Tyler Heeter

ðŸŒēðŸĶŠ Join us for an exclusive Enhancing Hunting Success- Trapping Webinar, hosted by Wildlife Management Professional, Tyler Heeter! ðŸĶŒðŸŒŋ

👉 Discover the secrets to successful trapping within legal seasons! ðŸ•°ïļ Learn the best times to set your traps for optimal results. ðŸĶī Explore the recommended traps, lures, and sets tailored for different species. ðŸĪ” Uncover the crucial role trapping plays in the world of hunting. ðŸđ Find out how trapping skills can elevate your overall hunting game. ðŸ› ïļ Get insights on essential equipment to secure traps in the ground. ðŸŒ Understand the importance of using the right earthy materials to cover your traps.

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