Grandpa’s Gift

Some of the most important things in the world can be the most random things

A mug, a t-shirt, necklace, picture. To me, it is a Puma knife, thermos and flashlight. These were items that used to be my grandpa’s, and he gifted them to me before he passed because he thought I could use them while hunting. This isn’t a story to make you cry or feel bad, but to hopefully bring a smile to your face, not only because how much I cherish these items, but because you have similar items that you cherish the same way I do.


the flashlightThe Flashlight

This flashlight helped me track my very first buck I ever harvested with my bow. I shot him in the evening and the shot was a little iffy, so I had to wait a couple hours before tracking it. Now we all know what happens when hunting, we remind ourselves to pay close attention to where the deer runs after making a shot. Did it go next to a certain tree or bush, or hop a section of a fence? But we get caught up in the excitement and rush of finally getting an opportunity to shoot a deer and we forget exactly which marker the deer ran by. That same thing happened to me, I shot this buck, was so excited and when it came time to track, I couldn’t point out the exact spot it ran.

It might sound cheesy and cliché, but this flash light is the only flashlight I was using when tracking this deer with my dad, sister and her boyfriend. It is always in my deer hunting backpack or my blind bag for waterfowl hunting and I will hold onto it even when the day comes that it no longer works anymore.


The Thermos

coffee thermos

This thermos my grandpa gifted to me after I went duck hunting with my cousin for the first time. He thought it was so cool that girls hunt, and thought it was even cooler that two of his grandkids were hunting together. You see, my grandpa was a big duck hunter back in the day and he always filled this thermos up with coffee. Now, I’m not a coffee drinker, so I fill it with hot chocolate. This thermos has been washed numerous times throughout the years, but it still smells like his coffee. I may not like coffee, but the smell of it on this thermos brings a smile to my face knowing that this was once his and he was once in this same position I was in, enjoying the outdoors.


hunting knifeThe Knife

This knife is something that I take with me almost everywhere I go. This knife was given to my grandpa by my parents, back when they were only dating. My grandpa was looking through his things one day and came across this old Puma knife and realized it hadn’t been used in a while. Eventually it found its way to me.  This knife is well over 30 years old and has seen it all and been used plenty, but well taken care of. I consider this knife to be my lucky charm. As corny as that sounds. But while having this knife in my possession I have had some of the best things happen to me. I finally got a dog, something I have always wanted. I found my first shed while shed hunting and had the best waterfowl and deer season of my life! I got my first duck, goose, my first buck with a bow, and my second buck with my rifle, which also happened to be my biggest so far!

Sunday, October 13, 2019. I was getting ready to head out to my stand in the morning and it was cold. 33 degrees with a feel of 23, so I filled that thermos up with hot chocolate, grabbed my knife out of the display case and headed out to my stand with my gear. I had the best sit of the season so far, saw deer non stop all morning long, mostly does, but still exciting to see deer. All I could think was “wow”, I have yet to see this many deer so far. Then it hit me, I have my grandpa’s knife, thermos and flashlight with me right now. The one time I have all 3 with me is when I saw the most deer. Could have been a coincidence, but I like to think that they are my lucky charms and that he is right there with me when I am out doing what we both love, hunting!

Emily Peterson is extremely active in the outdoors and a great example of the future of women hunters.

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