South Dakota archery prong horn

Alright guys Tracy Wagner and I Brayden Davis, are going to be opening up our August archery antelope season to 3 guys! This hunt is extremely hard it’s not super strenuous but it is hot 80-105° in the badlands where these illusive animals live! It will be your choice to either blind hunt or spot and stalk we can set up blinds over certain water sources! Pronghorns eye sight is incredible and they will pick you off miles away so if you aren’t willing to crawl hands and knees for a few hundred yards in cactus filled bottoms this is not for you! Keep in mind these little animals are super skittish and will keep their distance from anything that seems off to them it isn’t uncommon to have to shoot 80+ yards we took Tim Davis out last year and his first shot was over 80 yards! For all tag cost, stamps, hunting license fees is right at $315 compared to other western states this is cheap! This is a first come first serve type of application for the tag application dates are june 10th! 2 spots are filled for this hunt already! Looking for one other determined person to get on this!

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