MGB Dual Trac Review

Montana Black Gold has always made a great lightweight and dependable sight for hunters. The dual trac is no exception. This is a unique spin-off of traditional double-pin designs that have been made from companies like Spot Hog and Sword. The Dual Trac has the unique ability to adjust the bottom pin’s distance from the top pin, and move the indicator used for the sight tape. This feature alone makes this sight extremely versatile for not just hunting but also an event like The Total Archery Challenge where you need every yard you can get. After some time with this sight here are a low of my cons and pros

        ⁃       Setting up a sight light. You need to purchase an additional bracket that needs to be mounted above the fibers and because the light itself sights offset from the center of the bracket if the light gets hung up going to and from the stand the bracket can loosen up and the light becomes ineffective in the field.
        ⁃       2nd axis adjustment. In theory, this was a great idea but missed a little in the execution. This adjustment did not allow me to lock down the position and ultimately ended up becoming loose in the field causing the entire sight housing to wobble around. Full disclosure I used a Dremel tool to cut the brass pin out and remove the adjustment altogether.
        ⁃       Instructions. I found the instructions a little underwhelming in finer details, and there weren’t any videos on setting this sight up at the time. Most instructions in the archery industry are somewhat generic and we depend more on customer videos for setup than manufacturers. It would be great to see a QR code to a manufacturer video on the full setup for the sight.

        ⁃       Photo chromatic shell. This unique shell over the fibers for Montana Black Gold sights is amazing. It works similarly to transition lenses for glasses. The shell allows for lighting conditions to change without causing dramatic variation in pin brightness and best of all prevents the pins from having a halo effect in full brightness
        ⁃       2nd pin adjustability. This is what the sight is all about and it works great. Depending on where you hunt and the type of animal you can customize the spread while always being able to use the sight tape. Yes, it takes a little playing with the first time but is a simple system that creates so much flexibility. It can also be beneficial for an event like the Total Archery Challenge where you bottom that second pin out and squeeze every yard of your sight.
        ⁃       Overall fit and finishes of this sight. This sight is lightweight with a clean design that feels at the higher end of the market. There aren’t any plastic pieces that will break on tough hunts.

The Montana Black Gold Dual Trac sight was a sight that had my attention immediately on its release, and it most definitely did not disappoint. After some tough use and playing around, I would most definitely recommend this sight to any hunter.

Chris Kossowsky

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