Buzzard Roost Saddles

Buzzard Roost Saddles was born in the swamps of South Louisiana. There was a need for a more efficient means to trek the swamps and hunt elevated. Production saddles were few, and I was not committed to spending the money. I did my research, materials were collected, and a “scrappy” saddle made of a sit-drag and paracord was made. I was hooked! Family and Friends made fun of me, but they too eventually warmed up to the idea. I began sewing saddles and gear for them. With encouragement and support of my wife and family I decided to go for it.

Buzzard Roost Saddles is a small time company located in St. Amant, Louisiana. We want to cater to the “scrappy guys”. The guys that go where others turn their noses up. Whether it be packing out of the rugged mountains or push poling a pirogue out of the muddy swamps. We ain’t Fancy.

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