Small Game

MN pheasant hunt

Posted by Carter Loven

Private land and privately raised pheasant hunt in central MN! The pheasant season begins October 10 2021 and goes through January 3 of 2022. There are 20 birds released onto […]


Posted by Garrett Reid

Bowfishing in Michigan trade for whitetail hunt or etc.

Ohio Small Game

Posted by Tucker Chaney

We would like to thin the squirrel population out on our farm here in Ohio, I wouldn’t usually guarantee any type of success on a hunt but on this one […]

Coyote hunt for pig hunt !

Posted by Jordan Caviness

Would love to swap a predator hunt for a chance to get some pigs on the ground !!!

Rakins! (Raccoons)

Posted by

I’m not sure this is even worth it and I’m not looking for anything in return really but if any of you are trappers I’ve got 15+ Raccoons of good […]