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Indiana small game

I am really wanting to go to other states to hunt different kinds of squirrels. Preferably black or white ones, but honestly any that aren’t a standard grey or fox squirrel is fine with me. In return I’d like to take someone small game hunting around here. Weather it be squirrel, rabbit, dove, or anything […]

MN pheasant hunt

Private land and privately raised pheasant hunt in central MN! The pheasant season begins October 10 2021 and goes through January 3 of 2022. There are 20 birds released onto private property every so often so there won’t be a shortage of birds to keep the excitement going!

Ohio Small Game

We would like to thin the squirrel population out on our farm here in Ohio, I wouldn’t usually guarantee any type of success on a hunt but on this one I will guarantee shooting limits. The hunt will take place from mid to late Dec. thru the end of season in Jan. whenever works for […]