Swap State: Florida

Sambar Deer Hunt

This is a hunt for Sambar Deer in Florida. A very limited number of tags a year and is really a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. The last day for entry is June 15th. There is a phase 2 but you have to look for them. I made a group just search my name for a group. This […]

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Since 2017 I have hosted 2 Osceola Hunts. We usually hunt public land and a few tracts of private land. It’s hard hunting and these birds and nothing like what you’ve hunted before. It is typically hot, windy, and even rainy this time of year. If you’re interested, let me know and we can talk […]

Hog Hunt

Who wants to join me for a last minute hog hunt? No license needed for pigs here. They’ve been daylighting for about a week now so the odds are looking good. I have all the gear we need and also the weapons. Just have to show up. Hit me up.