Eastern Coyote Hunting

How to Overcome Target Panic

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

Backyard archery competitions with my brother were always intense. In the early 2000s, my brother, Josh, and I were sporting the latest Ben Pearson bows shooting circles around my dad’s […]

The Great 8

Posted by Matt Whiteley

I used to be a fanatical bowhunter. Going through adolescence, I thought about 3 things, girls, sports and being in the treestand. Playing quarterback as a junior in high school, […]

turnip food plot

The Overlooked Transition Hunting Spot

Posted by Cervicide

In central Illinois, food sources for whitetail are beyond plentiful due to the agriculture fields. However, this does not prevent several of individuals such as myself from planting food plots. […]

Fifteen Tips to Make 2015 Your Best Season Yet

Posted by Daniel Watkins

Fifteen Tips to Make 2015 Your Best Season Yet Spring (Part One) By: Daniel Watkins We have finally arrived to that wonderful time of year where waking up, you feel […]

The Problem with Killing Big Bucks

Posted by Cervicide

The Problem with Killing Big Bucks By: Daniel Watkins Let’s be honest here for a second. Can you really think of anything wrong with putting your hands on a trophy […]

Eastern Coyote Hunting

Eastern Coyote Hunting

Posted by Cervicide

Eastern Coyote Hunting Kyle Backenstoes You sit down along the field edge, and wait for things to settle down. You hear the whistle of the wind through the surrounding trees. […]