Event Type: Meat-Up

Non-Resident Hunting Idaho

Join our Northwest CRD and learn the in’s and out’s of hunting Idaho as a non resident. Will cover cost of tags and the process to obtain tags. Eric will answer any questions you have throughout the conversation. Tags can be frustrating to get in Idaho with the new system, but Eric is here to […]

Online Meat-Up Hunt Link Discussion

Join me for a on line meat-up where we go over some of y’all’s questions you may have about hunt links and we dive into western huntlink ideas from high country elk to plains pronghorn and anything in between and let’s get the ball rolling for 2024! March 21 at 6 pm Mountain time Register: https://api.leadconnectorhq.com/widget/form/qNhy1IsALzrIKix3d0eZ […]

Spring Turkey Hunt Link Talk

Let’s chat hunt links! With spring fast approaching (sorta…) I figured we’d chat about some of the upcoming hunt links that are posted as well as maybe a potential hunt link for turkey season up here. I won’t keep you long! See you there! Register: https://api.leadconnectorhq.com/widget/form/uwxN8VHZGLAlvUExj2BT

Lataha Spring Convention (LA)

Louisiana Trapper and Aligator Hunters Association is an event for the whole family. Entry is free. Lunch and drinks will be sold. They will have vendors for trapping, trapper will be selling used traps (you can get great deals) and there will be several educational demonstrations for different animals throughout the day. There will also […]