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How to Get Access to Private Land

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

NO LAND TO HUNT ON? HERE’S HOW YOU CAN CHANGE THAT I think a lot of hunters, especially those who are new to the obsession, are in the same boat […]

How to Overcome Target Panic

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

Backyard archery competitions with my brother were always intense. In the early 2000s, my brother, Josh, and I were sporting the latest Ben Pearson bows shooting circles around my dad’s […]

Blood Trailing with a Bow

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

So you’re probably thinking, oh this just another article telling me to back out if I think I made a bad shot. Well… you’re wrong and right. This time you’re […]

Arizona Hunting: Over the Counter Elk?

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

You’re telling me you don’t have to get drawn? Yes, it is possible you can buy a tag to hunt elk at any properly vetted license and tag dealer (cough, […]

Cervicide Fieldstaff Bow & Arrow

Photography Basics: Capturing Captivating Pictures

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

I recently published a blog on our sister company angler-pros.com about taking cinematic photos. In the age of digital where there are so many things shared, it’s nice to have […]

Beating the Heat for Late Summer Reds

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

The sun had just broken the treeline when I dropped the second Red of the day into the icebox. I had been fishing for about twenty minutes and had not […]

Involving Your Children in the Outdoors

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

Our children are our legacy. I have seen too many times that kids would rather sit inside with their heads plugged into some sort of technology. I remember when I […]

The Ruthless Rut

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

My uncle moved to Champagne, IL when I was in early high school. He lived there several years and came back with a 180’ 16-point Illinois giant along with several […]

Cervicide Plot Planting

Four Tips to Maximize This Offseason

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

by: Matthew Rosenbaum Turkey season is starting to slow down in most of the country as we head into the latter part of May and begin to enjoy the warm […]

The Power of a Notebook

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

There is no shortage of new age technology when it comes to tracking and planning hunts. With countless hunting apps and satellite services like Google Earth, sometimes we forget how […]

DeerSlayer TV

Posted by Jimmy McKinney

DeerSlayer TV Season 1 Subscribe for more deer hunting videos!