Author: Jimmy McKinney

An entrepreneur from central PA. Founder of Cervicide, social media strategist and owner of nGauge Media, as well as a Chiropractor in Central PA.

Photography Basics: Capturing Captivating Pictures

I recently published a blog on our sister company about taking cinematic photos. In the age of digital where there are so many things shared, it’s nice to have content that you are proud of. There is no excuse for grainy, out-of-focus, boring photos as the technology we have at our fingertips makes it […]

The Power of a Notebook

There is no shortage of new age technology when it comes to tracking and planning hunts. With countless hunting apps and satellite services like Google Earth, sometimes we forget how things have been done for hundreds of years – with good old pen and paper. I’ve always preferred to use a brand called “Rite in […]