patience gone in the wind


Most of us are guilty of it. Knowing the buck you’re after is consistently coming to one spot like clockwork, but not having a lot of time to get after him. When you finally get time, the wind is not in your favor…figures. I, myself, am 100% guilty of this. Having the itch so bad to get in that tree when you can and taking a chance on the wind. Is it worth it though? Of course, there are some situations where it worked out anyways, but overall, this mistake taught me and made me a better hunter. 


October 28th, 2019

Finally, a whole day off to get in the stand and get after this buck I’ve been after all year and have consistent pictures of. I get up bright and early, take a step outside to a nice crisp morning. Something isn’t right though. The wind is wrong for the spot I have been planning all week to hunt. Having plenty of experience guiding and hunting, I know better than to even consider going to that spot. I have plenty of other spots but that’s not where I want to be. I somehow convince myself it will be fine “it’s just a little breeze”. We all know that little breeze can make or break us, and it broke me.


 I’m in the stand and daylight is breaking. I look, and there he is, my target buck the first one on the food plot. Being a mature buck, he circles the whole plot checking wind and as soon as he catches my line of scent he stops dead in his tracks. Nose in the air and a flash of white. Do you think I saw that deer again? The answer is yes. A day later in the back of the neighbor’s truck. This was a rookie mistake; I know but like I said before. It is because of these mistakes that we become better hunters. From that day on I have never been able to convince myself to hunt a stand when the wind is wrong. Nine times out of ten it will not end in your favor. 


November, 16th, 2019

Luckily, I have another buck to hunt. Again I have another specific stand I want to hunt this deer in. After the harsh lessons I have learned about hunting wind, I passed on hunting this stand multiple times. Finally the wind is right and I have a day to get after him. I get in the stand well before daylight, mid-moring comes and I am seeing a lot of activity. All of a sudden hours come down to seconds. There he is 150 yards broadside as calm as can be. Because I learned to have patience with the wind I was able to harvest one of my biggest Michigan bucks to date.

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