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The Great 8

I used to be a fanatical bowhunter. Going through adolescence, I thought about 3 things, girls, sports and being in the treestand. Playing quarterback as a junior in high school, I broke the metacarpal below my trigger finger and had to learn to shoot my release with my middle finger. That year, on the first […]

The Power of a Notebook

There is no shortage of new age technology when it comes to tracking and planning hunts. With countless hunting apps and satellite services like Google Earth, sometimes we forget how things have been done for hundreds of years – with good old pen and paper. I’ve always preferred to use a brand called “Rite in […]

The Overlooked Transition Hunting Spot

In central Illinois, food sources for whitetail are beyond plentiful due to the agriculture fields. However, this does not prevent several of individuals such as myself from planting food plots. Through past year experiences, deer often transition through food sources throughout the seasons and what is available and essential. After harvest, those agricultural food sources […]

Get Out and Walk!

  Get Out and Walk! There is something special about laying your hands on an antler from a whitetail buck. Just think of the journey that deer has been on since he started growing his antlers in early May. In early September he was shedding velvet and tearing up trees. It got a front row […]